Sea Lion Barker – October 2017 #2

Jolly Pops

Supplies for Seals Drive


Hellooooo San Pedro! Jolly Pops here. Nothing pleases Pops more than seeing family and friends walking across the parking lot with an armful of something cool to donate. That’s exactly the snappy sight we’ll see the Sunday after Thanksgiving at our hospital and education facility in San Pedro. Our husbandry manager Lori put out the APB that shelves are empty and ready for a year’s supply of paper towels, plastic bags, vitamins, karo syrup and more.


Pops and his pals know just what to do when we get that kind of APB – schedule a shindig! From 11:00-4:00 on that thankful Sunday, we’ll have bins lined up to receive the given goods. We have activities for kids, and it’s a great way for you and your neighbors to learn about what it takes to provide shelter, food and medical care year-round for our patients, including seeing a demo of food preparation. The visitors center and gift shop will be open. And, you can walk through our brand-new mobile visitors center. My hat took an extra spin the first time I dawdled inside the truck being amazed at the displays. Stay awhile to listen to our newest flip flop band, Wheelhouse Rock. My old pal Gary is a bass-playing marine biologist; he and his bandmates are bringing their talents all the way from Santa Clarita to fluff the festivities with fine tunes.


Download the Supplies For Seals Flyer – Please Share!

We can’t wait to see you! Admission and parking are free.

Talk soon.

Dandi Lyon

Mobile VC

It’s home run season for our local boys in blue and a fantastic time for our brand new Mobile Visitors Center. Now that we debuted with 2,300 guests at the KPCC Open House, we are fielding offers from all over town to bring the snappy exhibit filled truck to other venues. There’s one business working out a deal for us to be at their open house in November for another 2K+ guests. The LA Sparks are coordinating a community event plus two events for their scholarship winners. Dr. Warren Skidmore from Thirty Meter Telescope signed us up to participate at a community science fair in Pasadena in late January.

The more I think of it, the Mobile VC is a perfect way for your business or social group to help MMCC LA get in front of new people who can learn about us and help pay for every minute we need in 2018. Our average donor gives between $1-$10, which pays for 1-3 minutes of operations at MMCC LA. We need to be in the presence of tens of thousands of more people who can donate one or five or ten minutes. If some of you to donate a half day, a full day, or a week, that will send the Mobile VC out to meet more people who can donate one or five or ten minutes.


Together, we can do it! WE CAN. WE CAN. And, I’ve submitted my requisition for a bigger calendar book to keep track of all these outings.

Until next time, I’m Dandi Lyon.


38 Whiskers

Hair & Makeup

Do you remember the last time you stood frozen in disbelief, unable to speak? That’s the way I felt the other day when I was rustled from my desk by a chipper hair and makeup artist. When I asked to see the memo she was enforcing, this all-too-cheerful millennial handed me what felt like a subpoena from the bossy boss, mandating my attendance in the photo booth to “get my gala picture taken” for the program.

38 Whiskers doesn’t do the gala photo booth. Isn’t that common knowledge? Apparently it is, because the bossy boss also sent along two beefy bailiff types to escort my whiskers over to the lights and cameras. And, here is my mug shot.


Does this even look like me? No hat. Where’s the blue tie!  I just heard the photographer snickering that my dinner date has tattoos.

Oh well, I guess I’m doing my part. After all, in the last barker blog I did ramble on about how it costs $3 a minute to operate our facility. When will I learn to keep my mouth muffled! In today’s world, if you sound an alarm, be prepared to help put out the fire and stick around to let people know what to do about it. Thus, 38 Whiskers is a gala convert, encouraging guests to whoop it up learning about our mission and emptying their wallets and purses to support the cause.

Thanks to all of the gala guests. We are very grateful for your support.


The Sea Lion Barker can be reached at, 555 W. 5th St. 35th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

  A publication of Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, Inc. A 501(c)(3) charity. EIN 47-5249182.           


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