Sea Lion Barker –2017 #5

Jolly Pops

Coloring Book

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! So many things to say that ol Pops feels flummoxed where to begin! Let’s just say I flip flopped fast out of 38 Whiskers’ office when I heard that MMCC Los Angeles is making a coloring book and that kids can color pics of me and my harbor seal spots.


When I’m around town having fun I see lots of people with coloring books. The thought of our supporters sitting around the dinner table having family time with an MMCC LA coloring book puts an extra zest in my smile! Even better, a charming children’s story writer named Sara Beacham is volunteering her tale talents to write a story for the coloring book!


Sara Beacham

 At the gala I spotted Sara and her daughter Robin. Sara! Remember me? Please oh pretty please make me a big star in the story. I will tell all of my fans that you already have a fun book published, called “Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye”.

38 Whiskers hinted that the book will be on sale at MMCC at the Supplies for Seals Drive on November 26th! Oops. Did I spoil the surprise?

Oh well … join Jolly Pops at the Supplies for Seals Drive to find out for yourself. We are putting banners all over town. There is a prize for the person who finds them all and shows up with a bottle of karo syrup!

Talk soon.


Flaviyake’s Lonely Seal

Dandi Dandi cotton candy! That’s what my grandpop used to call me when I’d run around the yard in front of his cottage. You know what else he used to say? The best things in life find you.

Boy is grandpop prescient! Becuz … last week an interview found me. That’s right. I got a letter from a singer named Flaviya. She wrote this beautiful poem “Lonely Seal” about a seal that was stranded at Venice Beach. Her friend plays guitar while she sings it in a magical voice. She found footage of seals and sea lions swimming under water and made a soothing video to accompany the music. I went straight to my bff’s cubicle at work and played the video for her. We both sat stunned, chills on our skin, listening and watching.

My grandmom was a reporter. She taught me when the interview finds you, let yourself be found. Do your research to prepare and show respect for the interviewee. I did, and learned that Miss Flaviya came to the United States in 2015 from Moldova to continue her music career. She reinvents herself in each video. Her entertainer name is Flaviyake, in honor of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. You can read all about Flaviyake at

When we met in person, Flaviya said she visited MMCC after she wrote Lonely Seal and bought a plushie sea lion.


She gave us her email address. Recently when she started getting the Sea Lion Barker, she wrote to me and offered to let us use her song for free. Flaviya said she’d love to be an ambassador for MMCC Los Angeles. She’s going to sing her song on February 16, 2018 as an opener at the Pavlo benefit concert! Even more, she offered to help us put on a “Marine Mammal Anime” festival! Anything to help sea lions. Go Flaviya!

I like being found. Until next time, I’m Dandi Lyon.


38 Whiskers

Pool Plaster and Karo Syrup

I just returned to my desk after Tool Bag gave me a dissertation on how a pinniped pool gets resurfaced. Who needs coffee? Seriously, it is actually pretty fascinating. Did you know that within 30 minutes of applying the latest and greatest kind of plaster you have to refill the pool so the plaster “cures” properly? I never heard about plaster “drying” in water. You let this process continue for 3 days and continuously clean the water of any debris that flakes off. After that, recaulk the edge of the surface, let that dry for three days and voila, you’ve got yourself a brand new pool to let near-healthy seals and sea lions frolic about and dive for fish. That’s their last stop before being driven back to the ocean.

Tool Bag is a darn tootin good guy, really, his do-it-yourself-diatribe notwithstanding. It reminds me to educate you that this is the time of year MMCC LA performs facility maintenance, when there are fewer patients on site. We did get in a couple last week with shark bites. Ouch!! Surgery, bandages, lots of rest in store.

The patient lull is the perfect time of year for our Supplies for Seals Drive.


Come see our healing patients and bring something from this list of really needed items that we use lots of all during the year.

Dawn Dish Soap (blue) • HE Laundry Detergent
Germicidal Bleach • Nitrile or Latex Gloves

Toilet Paper • Heavy Duty Paper Towels

Fish Oil Capsules • Vitamin E
Vitamin C (non-chewable) • Karo Syrup, Safflower Oil or Vegetable Oil

I’m going to ask for a vacation day on November 26th to avoid the certain cacophony of noise. Yah right. The bossy boss isn’t going to have any of that, but a guy can try! Maybe I’ll sequester myself in an enclosure and pretend to be pool plastering. Or, sit really still next to the donation box and look like a statute which, based upon my good looks, will definitely encourage people to donate a minute or more.

Either way, see ya on the 26th. Rain or shine. Admission and parking are free. Tool Bag even arranged to have parking arrows installed on the hill leading to our hospital, so people can find us more easily.

The Sea Lion Barker can be reached at, 555 W. 5th St. 35th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

A publication of Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, Inc. A 501(c)(3) charity. EIN 47-5249182


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