Sea Lion Barker – 2018 #1

Jolly Pops

Spring in Your Step

Jolly pops here to somersault you into Spring with a mandate to jettison joy to MMCC Los Angeles supporters. And boy do I have jolly joy to share. First, we are about to embark on aMobile Visitors Center tour of Rolling Hills. We’ll be open on April 15th and every Sunday in May next to the George Canyon Nature Center at the corner of PV Blvd North and PV Blvd East


Bring the family, kids, neighbors and friends … learn about the sealand sea lion pups that are arriving daily at our hospital. Get your picture with our new dock and life-like sea lion statues. Here’s a shot our setup crew doing a site visit to map out the space.

We can’t wait to see you! 

February was a great month. We shindigged for 4 Thursdays at Smog City Brewery where the fine owners hosted MMCC Los Angeles to donate 10% of beer sales!


Thank you so much to Laurie Porter and Sam Pennington for being so generous to include us in this fundraising opportunity. They even hosted Andy & Renee to play music on the last Thursday. Thank you Randy Bowers for sponsoring these fine musical ambassadors of MMCC Los Angeles.

On February 16th we had a toe tapping fundraising concert where Mediterranean guitarist Pavlo and his band serenaded guests from all over Los Angeles at a cool theater in Little Tokyo.


The night was highlighted by Pavlo dancing with a spry grandmother!

Thanks to Gary Smith, our newest ambassador in the Port of LA, for riding the wave of good feeling from the guitar galapazoo by recruiting several organizations to donate $500 each. A big shout out to Thomas Jacobsen, Millenium Maritime, and the Los Angeles Port Pilots Association!

I just got the stop talking sign from the production crew. Talk soon.


Art & Sea Lion Discovery Camp

Parents all over the South Bay and L.A.Harbor! Dandi here with a brand new cheer.


GivemeaC. Clapclap. GivemeanA. Clapclap. GivemeanMMMMandaPclapclap. What does that spell? The coolest funnest most interesting happy art and sea lion science day camp in the whole wide July of 2018.


That’s right. If a youngster at your kitchen table will be a 5th or 6th grader this Fall, click here to learn about camp details and to register.

The day camp is a joint venture between MMCC Los Angeles and Angels Gate Cultural Center, our cool neighbors on the hill right above our sea lion hospital. Your child will love starting their day at Angels Gate with an art experience, followed by a science experience and animal viewing, then back for more art.


The camp runs each day from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, July 9th – 13th. If the week fills up quickly, we’ll add a second week. Angels Gate has many professional artists to inspire your child’s creative interests. We have experienced staff and volunteers to explore the scienceof a sea lion hospital and of ocean conservation. Reserve your spot today! Tell your friends so they can secure spots for their children and make our first camp experience a wonderful success. I wish I was a kid!

Speaking of our wonderful volunteers, here’s a few pics from our 3rd annual Volunteer Appreciation Night in February. Awards for our dedicated volunteers; wonderful food cooked by volunteer chefs, smiles all around by our seating-room only crowd, and, laughter with the musical improve comedy from Opening Night musical improv group. Some events start with thenational anthem. Our dinner started with Flaviya singing her song “Lonely Seal”.


When you have a mission to help seals and sea lions, it naturally leads to hard working, passionate supporters and volunteers.

Until next time, I’m Dandi Lyon.

38 Whiskers

Pups, Pups and more Pups

Readers and whisker counters. In spite of the tango talk above, let’s all lower our voices just a tad, put our hands up to our ears, and listen to the growing yelps and barks of hungry sea lion pups arriving daily.


No one should be surprised, as year afteryear we’ve averaged 25 new patients per month for a total of nearly 8,000 seals and sea lionsadmitted since 1992. We really need your financial support! Please consider donating throughour new “Buy a Seal a Meal” program to feed the frenzy of flippered friends.

2017 was no different, as seen on this poster of patients admitted from many beaches from north of Zuma to Seal Beach.


Search the graphic to tally the total of needy pinnipeds from your sandy hot spot. Note the large numbers from Dockweiler, Santa Monica and Redondo Beach. Even a few from Catalina Island. Our nerdy number crunchers convinced our artist to match map regions with colors, to connect the rescue organization that gathers the glad-to-be-rescued. You can help by calling the proper rescuer if you see a stranded pup on your fav beach.

We displayed this poster a few weeks ago in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium where we showed off our Mobile Visitors Center to the directors at the Los Angeles Dodger Foundation, in hopes of securing a grant for kids to see the mobile visitors center or take a field trip to our hospital.


Go Dodgers! Go MMCC LA supporters. Ol’ 38 is not good at gratitude … but … Thank you.

The Sea Lion Barker can be reached at, 555 W. 5th St. 35th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

A publication of Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, Inc. A 501(c)(3) charity. EIN 47- 5249182.


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